About Adi Dance School

Adī School of Dance:  The Adī institute (Art of Dance in India) gives emphasis on the Art of Dance forms of India. This institute promotes Classical Dance forms mainly Sattriya and Bharatnatyam. In western part of India, Sattriya is a very lesser known Classical dance form. The Adī institute is playing an important role to popularise and establish this dance form among the Art Lovers. This institute is first of its kind where mostly students from outside Assam are learning Sattriya and getting accolades from prestigious institutions like Sangeet Natak Akademi (Govt. of India, Delhi) , SICEC (Symbiosis Ishanya Centre for Education and Culture, Pune ) , Bharati Vidyapeeth University School Performing Arts (Pune) etc. Apart from learning Dance, Adī institute creates an environment of Cultural assimilation of North- East India and Maharashtra through the medium of Dance Drama and Music.

Remarkable Achievements of Adī –       

  • Formed a professional Pune- Sattriya – Team of Senior Dancers who are performing in State and National Level Dance Festivals of India
  • Adī institute is continuously inviting Experts and Exponents from Sattra Monasteries of Assam to learn the pure traditional Sattriya Dance and Music.
  • Student of Adī has received prestigious CCRT scholarship on Sattriya dance from Govt of India, Student Shrutika Alandkar is the first Non – Assamese Sattriya Dancer to receive the CCRT Scholarship
  • Every year Adī students give Certificate Diploma Exam of Sattriya and Bharatnatyam under Bharati Vidyapeeth which is approved by Govt. of Maharashtra.

Vision of Late Guru Dr. Kesavananda DevGoswami

The Adī institute seriously follows the vision of Late Guru Dr. Kesavananda DevGoswami who always dreamed to establish Sattriya outside Assam. Guru Dr. K. D Goswami was the recipient of highest civilian Award of Assam ‘ Srimanta Sankardev Award’, he was also an Awardee of Sahitya Akademi for his tremendous contribution to Sattriya Culture and Assamese Literature. He was truly a doyen of Sattriya Culture. It is seen that – to establish as a Classical style, a dance form requires many academic works based on principles and uniqueness of that particular style and also a clear structure of musical format (Ragas and taals). From mid of 70 s to 2013 Guru Dr. K. D Goswami has published many valuable research papers, journals at National Level that gave Sattriya a firm background of Academic work.  Sattriya exponent Guru late Dr. Jagnnath Mahanta has completed a vast research work under the Guidance of Dr. K.D Goswami. It was the first research work on Sattriya Dance and counted as an encyclopaedia of Sattriya. The contribution of Guru K.D Goswami will be unforgettable to all Sattriya Dancers of present time.


ADI students are receiving continuous Guidance of Sattriya Dance from Ustad Bishmillah Khan Awardee Guru Naren Chandra Barua of Uttar Kamalabari Sattra, Assam.

Thankful to another Mentor of ADI Guru Paramananda Borbayan of Puruna Kamalabari Sattra for his valuable suggestions on Sattriya Dance , Drama and Music.